Much Better Than Chocolate; A woman's guide to achieving orgasm during intercourse

What you did for me

Dear Readers, I had to share this letter. It was written by a young woman who bought the combo package. She told me she was moved to tears and wrote me this letter. I had to share it, as it expresses so much emotion that I have tried to bring to you through the books. Hi Shara, After reading your books I feel compelled to write to you persona [...]


5% of the proceeds from the ‘Much Better Than Chocolate’ book series go directly to the charity organization CLITORAID. The goal of Clitoraid’s “Adopt a Clitoris” program is to create real, long lasting changes for women who have been forced to experience clitoral excision or genital mutilation against their will [...]

Surprise Admission

I had dinner with a lovely woman the other night who had purchased my book. She proceeded to tell me how she had never orgasmed before, but since reading my book and applying the information she climaxed during sex for the first time in her life! I was ecstatic for her. I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to help someone achieve this. [...]

MBTC; Achieve orgasm during intercourse

MBTC; Achieve orgasm during intercourse

A woman's (and man's) guide to teaching three simple techniques that can have a woman achieving orgasm during intercourse without use of toys or any stimulation other than the act of sex itself.